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Lawn Serv Subscription Box

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What's in the Box?

Awesome Features That Make This Work

Professional Soil Scientists

We've partnered with some of the nation's leading soil testing labs to provide the most accurate soil testing available today.

Custom Plan for YOUR Lawn

Our professional soil scientists analyze the results of your personal soil test. Then, we combine this analysis with local environmental data and weather conditions to build a custom plan for your lawn.

Organic-Based Options

We offer a variety of easy-to-use products that are safe for the people using them and the people and pets enjoying your lawn. Optimal absorption means faster results.

You Control Your Plan

Monthly subscription plan ensures results. Starting with your first month, we'll send you exactly what your lawn needs, when your lawn needs it. Cancel, pause, or customize deliveries at any time.

Size Your Lawn Easily

A built-in lawn sizing tool uses satellite imagery to help identify the right amount of product for your lawn.

Weed, pH, & Bug Control Options

Just fertilizing won't cut it so we include the products your lawn needs, when it needs them, sent right to your door as part of your plan.

Responsive Customer Service

If you ever need us, you can email, call, or instant message us and a real person will work their hardest to help.

Easy How-To Videos

In addition to our staff of expert lawn-supporting gurus, we've put together a library of videos and pro tips to help make caring for your lawn as easy as possible.

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I've been using Lawn Serv for a year now--my lawn has never looked better and it was more affordable than the other national service we hired, and just as convenient with deliveries each month.

Ty K.

I wasn't sure which product to go with so I called the lawn gurus and they walked me through signing up, it was all really easy there after. Plus, I love that they have an organic product that actually works!

Chris W.

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Is it really 3 easy steps?

Yes!  Traditional DIY fertilizer application is a pain, and is full of guessing (did I get the right product?!) and hoping (did I apply it at the right time?!). And, there is nothing "custom" about it.  We started LawnServ to make lawn care easy.  We take care of all the behind-the-scenes work so you can enjoy your lawn all year long.

Can you tell me a little more about how it works?

First, the Professional Soil Test:  We send you a soil test to technically understand the composition of key nutrients in your lawn.  You return a couple scoops of dirt in the prepaid package that we include.

Next, we send you monthly applications--based specifically on your lab results--to grow a full and healthy lawn.  We work with a variety of pro grade suppliers with options for traditional and organic products.  Each application is pre-measured to fit the size of your lawn.

If you don't already have one, we also offer high-quality applicators at discounted prices to apply your product easily.

Can I really cancel anytime?

Absolutely.  We value every one of our customers, and wish you would stay, but you can cancel anytime, for any reason.

Do you offer just fertilizer?

No!  We offer a wide variety of hand-picked lawn care products at discounted prices to help your lawn get exactly what it needs, when it needs it.  Including, pH, insecticides (bugs), herbicides (weeds), seeds, lawn care tools, and more!

How does billing work?

Starting with your first seasonal delivery, we will bill you monthly based on the size of your lawn. No need for lawn products this month-->no bill this month! (e.g., winter months in the Northeast). You can cancel at any time, but we encourage people to sign up and stick with the program for at least a few months to see the real impact of changing the way you take care of your lawn.