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The LawnServ Story

We've all been there before:  you look outside at your lawn, weeds have taken over, bare spots everywhere, your grass has turned a sad shade of brownish-green.  Meanwhile, your neighbor's lawn is a beautiful, lush green pasture that looks like the freshly-cut outfield on a summer day at Fenway Park. Well, that's where our story picks up.  After spending years driving to big box and hardware stores to lug heavy bags of generic fertilizer into a clean car--without actually knowing if this is what my lawn needs--we decided to change the way lawn care is done.  Lawn Serv takes the technology and expertise that has been used in agriculture and commercial lawn care and brings it to your specific lawn. By working with the leading soil testing labs and the top fertilizer vendors--including organic suppliers--this technology ensures that your lawn is getting exactly what it needs.  No more.  No less.

We focus on making the process as simple as possible. We understand that fertilizer is important to a healthy lawn--but not at the cost of all the other important things going on in your life, so we will deliver the product straight to your door.  Saving you time and hassle. 

We strive to use the best pro grade products with people and pet friendly fertilizer options to deliver guaranteed results.  We customize the product delivered specific to your lawn's needs. 

We maximize our technology and data to be the most helpful resource for improving results and make our service more efficient than status quo for our customers. 

We believe that by putting more thought, science, consistency and technology into the process that we can actually reduce the amount of product runoff, waste, and harm to our environment while still having awesome lush proud landscapes.