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LockUp (Post Emergent Weed Control) with 2,4-D and Dicamba on 15-0-0 Fertilizer

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Category: Fertilizer with Post Emergent Herbicide
Coverage (sq. ft.): 14,700
SRN ( lbs. per 1,000):  0.15
Unit of Measure: Bag
Material Type: Granular
Weight: 50 lbs
This fertilizer contains XCU® slow-release fertilizer technology. XCU® provides gradual, steady nutritional uptake for up to 10 weeks of plant response. XCU® has the highest nitrogen (N) content (43%) and lowest sulfur content (4%) of any polymer-coated sulfur-coated urea (PCSCU) on the market. The value is more area can be covered per application using less fertilizer, which is more efficient and economical. Also, with less N lock-off more of the applied N is taken up and utilized by turfgrass or plants in the expected time frame.