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First Month Approx. $1
Kicks Off With Soil Test Kit

Lawn Serv Soil Test Kit - Bringing Advanced Science To Your Lawn

Simple to complete with a few scoops of dirt from around your yard, and a pre-paid envelope that can be returned through your mailbox

Following Months Starting at $29/ mo. Based on Sq. Ft.

Customized Deliveries of Fertilizer, Weed Control, pH, and Bug Control Products

Based on your soil test, size of yard, location, and time of year, we send to your door exactly what you need to grow a lush green lawn only for the months your lawn needs

Always Free Shipping & Cancel Any Time

Pick From Two Product Options

Size-Your-Lawn Tool

Get The Right Amount of Product Every Time

  1. Input your address
  2. Then simply drop the markers around your property to find the estimated square footage of your lawn

We portion in 2,500 sq ft. increments so please try to round appropriately

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