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How to Take a Soil Sample

 Soil Sample Video & How To:

  1. Gather shovel, bucket, 1/4 measuring cup and provided sample bag
  2. Identify 8 sample areas of your lawn
  3. Dig approximately 3-5 inches deep, removing any grassy top
  4. Collect 1/4 cup of soil from the 3-5 inch depth and place in bucket
  5. Repeat the collection for 8 sample areas
  6. Mix the samples together in the bucket
  7. Place the mixed samples into the provided sample bag for shipping and seal it
  8. Place sealed sample bag into provided prepaid shipping envelope with provided filled out sample form and seal envelope
  9. Place in your mailbox for pickup and wait to hear back about your results


 Provided sample for example to be returned with your dirt in the prepaid envelope...

(do not make an edits to the form that you receive as it is filled out specifically for you and for the testing appropriately needed to get accurate results)