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Mostly Natural Monthly Lawn Care Subscription Box

Size of Yard Ranges For Monthly Subscription

The Mostly Natural Subscription Box Includes:

Month 1 - A Soil Test Kit + Product 

Your first month starts in the lab.  We'll analyze your soil's nutrients which allows us to customize your subscription box.  Easily completed with a few scoops of dirt from around your yard and sent back in a pre-paid envelope.  We will also include a product based on the time of year and your location to pre-treat weeds or condition the soil to start working to prepare the lawn. 

Month 2 & After - Custom Products (liquid & granular products - hose end sprayer included)

Custom mix of products based on your soil test. Your box will include (as needed):
  • Custom Pro Grade Fertilizer
  • Bug Control (Insecticide)
  • pH Control
  • Weed Control - Synthetic (not all natural) 

 ***This product will likely be 80%+ all natural products depending on your lawns current condition***

Products in the Mostly Natural Subscription plan currently provided in liquid and granular form; a specialty hose end spreader is included in All Natural Subscription plan pricing while the granular spreader is not included in subscription plan pricing, but available for purchase separately if you don't already have one.

When to Fertilize My Lawn
After you sign up...
  1. 2-Minute Pre-Paid Soil Test Kit:  We'll send you a soil sample test with postage paid and simple steps for completion (soil test usually takes about 2 minutes to complete). Returning this test allows our team to dig in (hey!) to the technical analysis portion, where our professional soil testing lab will determine exact levels of key nutrients in your soil (every other year another soil test will be provided to maintain appropriate data, feed into your custom plan, and track progress over time).
  2. We'll take care of the rest.  Depending on your lawn's specific needs, we'll send you the right quantities of key nutrients and amendments to feed your lawn exactly what it wants (or, to correct major imbalances in soil composition, if needed).
  3. Our algorithms will constantly be monitoring your lawn, taking into account local weather and environmental factors; roughly every month you will receive in the mail the appropriate amount of product based on this analysis for your season, location, soil composition, and size of yard to maximize your results.
  4. We're with you every step of the way.  Give us a call, send us a text, grab us on social media. Think of LawnServ as your lawn's guardian angel.  We're here to help.

Billing Details

  • Convenient monthly billing cycles (based on the size of your lawn)
  • Subscription plan automatically pauses for off-season months (e.g., winter months in the Northeast). See Monthly Subscription by Zone map for details.
  • As always, cancel anytime.

 Lawn Size

**Note:  See Terms & Conditions for specific plan details, including product options and availability based on region and local restrictions and regulations.